Iron Influence Coaching Program


The best athletes, musicians, and leaders in the WORLD have coaches- why shouldn’t you?

Everyone needs a coach that will push them to greatness. For some people, that’s a friend, parent, or spouse.

For others, their coach is someone who’s well-versed in their craft and will help them to achieve their potential.


You’re here for a reason. You owe it to yourself to achieve greatness.

I can help you get there.


With a degree in English and a certified Change Management practitioner, influencing people comes naturally to me. And I want it to become second-nature for you.

But what does “influencing” mean, and how will it help you?

Think about this: from a very early age, we test our influencing skills by trying to get our parents to buy us that cool new toy. And when they refused, we didn’t give up- we reframed our approach and tried again. Until we achieved success.

As humans, we’re naturally wired to persuade and influence people, to try and get them to see things our way.


At work, influencing takes many different forms, including:

  • Negotiating salary raises to be paid what we deserve
  • Showcasing our abilities and successes to proves why that promotion is owed to us
  • Getting your employees and coworkers to follow your lead (without begging or demanding)
  • Convincing a potential client why you’re the best, most-qualified to fulfill their job
  • Dealing with difficult people that make your work life dreadful

In your personal life, influence and persuasion comes in natural forms like:

  • Convincing your significant other why you’re “the one” and why they should spend the rest of forever with you
  • Getting that attractive person at the coffee shop or bar to go on a date with you
  • Showing a new acquaintance why you’re not a weirdo and would make a great friend
  • Convincing your spouse why that new house for sale down the road is the perfect “home” and why you should buy it’

See, influencing and persuasion has no bounds- we’re always trying to sell ourselves, our beliefs, or our thoughts to others.

The key is doing it in a non-sleazy, genuine and honest way.

And that’s when it becomes effortless and second-nature. And that’s exactly what my coaching program will teach you to do.


My coaching program consists of:

  • Weekly 1-on-1 training calls where we discuss things you are struggling with and give you tactical, hands-on techniques on how to approach and overcome those challenges
  • Worksheets outlining persuasion and influencing methods and tactics that you can work on between calls
  • Monthly group calls to hear from other clients about their struggles and successes and how they can help you (and vice-versa!)
  • Access to the Facebook group where you can check-in with others whenever you want and get on-demand advice.

My coaching program is not for everyone. In fact, I only accept people I feel are the right fit for the program and will truly benefit from my help.

It would be a waste of your time if you joined and didn’t get the full impact of the training, and it would be a waste of my time to coach and train you.

So, I screen all applicants. This makes it a win-win situation for both of us.


If you’re interested in joining my Iron Influence Coaching Program, send an email to: with the subject line: Iron Influence coaching.

You will receive a questionnaire to fill out to use for your free phone consultation. We will schedule a free phone consultation to discuss your goals, current state, and how I can help you. After the call, the team will evaluate your application and we will let you know once we have made our decision.

Please note: I only take 5-8 clients at a time. If you are truly interested in coaching, send me an email now!

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