Struggling with getting people to buy-in to your ideas and believe in you?


Research shows 85% of your career success is dependent on “soft skills” – the things you weren’t taught in the classroom (which only account for 15% of your success).

  • Discover and harness the power of your own unique leadership style to lead, manage, and inspire your team to perform their best every single day
  • Have limitless energy to accomplish your most important things at work, in your personal life, and your side hustles or projects–no matter how busy you are
  • Develop and build on your executive presence so you automatically engage anyone, command authority and respect from your clients, boss, the boardroom, or when giving presentations
  • Find clarity on an develop your personal brand so you become the first person people go to when they need help with [insert your expertise area here]
  • Build a strategic personal communication plan so you always know who to connect with, how to create instant rapport, and inspire and persuade others using proven psychological tactics
  • Live a life that is fully integrated with what excites you (and gives you butterflies when you think about it) and create consistent, flowing creativity to always be at your peak
  • Develop a clear, focused mind so you can make tough decisions that are in the best interest of your clients, boss, company, and most importantly- you.

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How different would your life be if you knew what levers to pull every time you wanted someone to say “YES”? With great power, comes great responsibility but first let’s bust ONE BIG MYTH.

MYTH – You have to change who you are, to master persuasion and influence over others.

Most people think they have to change, but the truth is they don’t know that all you have to do is learn how to identify your strengths and weakness to your best advantage.

You see, mastering the art of influence and persuasion isn’t about changing who you are, but more about embracing it and learning how to use it to your best advantage.

Discover a system that shows you:

  • How to break down the different personality types, how they work and how to best use your type to your advantage.
  • Psychological hacks and persuasion techniques you can utilize when trying to make a lasting impression or simply influence someone.
  • “It feels like I’ve known you forever” Discover the different kinds of approaches and learn KEY body language tactics to use when trying to make someone feel comfortable.
  • Imagine everyone noticing as you walk into a room and being the person everyone wants to talk to.

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